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We make natural pet care products with human-safe ingredients. No Parabens, SLS, artificial foaming agents, synthetic preservatives or scents.

Our shampoo base is made using a natural mild cleanser (surfactant) derived from glucose and coconut. It is a superb cleanser and contains moisturising ingredients to care for your pet’s fur and skin. Our shampoo’s contain glycerine to add shine, health and nourishment to your pet’s coat, whilst helping to keep skin in tip top condition. We use Aloe Vera which is great for relieiving itchiness, soothing eczema and cooling skin.

Our fur detangler contains a mild conditioning emulsifier which is invaluable for untangling fur. It’s gentle formulation will impart softness, smoothness and lasting hydration to your dog’s skin and coat, and gives knotted fur excellent spring and body, making it easier to comb through. 

Our salves are made with natural hemp oil, which contains a perfect balance of fatty acids Omega 6 & 9 to deeply penetrate skin and help heal sore spots, dry patches and eczema. Contains Vitamin E to naturally preserve.

Our soaps are made using the traditional cold process method – a technique which ensures each bar is full of glycerine. They are hard, long lasting soaps with lots of moisturising lather. They contain neem oil which has  very specific values in pet care products. It acts as a natural flea repellent and help ease many skin problems.

We understand that dogs have very sensitive noses and use less than 1% pure essential oils in all of our pet care products. Our essential oils are safe, and carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits. Our unique blends vary between products, and have a good, noticeable aroma without being overpowering.  Essential oils have many uses in pet care, and if chosen correctly, are important for the physical and emotional well being of dogs.